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My daughter gave me a little tin box with this picture on it that I just love!

Drink Coca-Cola -- it cures headaches and relieves exhaustion.

Coca-Cola advertising 1886 – 1899 This was when coke had 'coke' in it. It was a cure all back then

CocaCola Original 1951 Vintage Print Ad w/ Color by VintageAdarama, $9.99

Vintage Coke Ad - Teenage Girl and Bottle of Coke - Only 5 Cents - 1951 Cold Coca Cola Collectible Illustration Print Art Wall Decor

Vintage Coca Cola Ad Reproduction Print This by VintagePrintscafe

For Headache and Exhaustion drink Coca Cola . named for its medicinal ingredients, the coca leaf & the kola nut. both of which are mild stimulants . Coca is also a known pain reliever & settles the stomach.

Old coke add poster

“An advertisement showing model Hilda Clark in formal century attire. The ad is titled Drink Coca-Cola

loveisspeed.......: Coca Cola Drink from 1901 till now ! what a ...

Model BG Vintage Splash BG Texture Coca Cola Pack Bruhes 1 I gi. Old Coke Ad