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Извержения вулканов: Синабунг VS Этна

Mount Sinabung spews pyroclastic smoke as seen from Tigapancur village in Karo district on November 2013 in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. Up to residents have been evacuated from five villages in North Sumatra due to the volcanic eruptions of Mount Sinabung.

Eden Rock, Grand Cayman: A large fish swims in the middle of a huge shoal of smaller fish

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Interview: Christopher Swann Captures Whales and Dolphins in All Their Glory - My Modern Met

Interview: Photographer Christopher Swann Captures Images of Whales and Dolphins in All Their Glory

British photographer Christopher Swann captures stunning shots of cetaceans like whales and dolphins both above and beneath the surface of the ocean.

fee fi fo fum...I smell the blood of an englishman....

Go swimming with whales. Close encounter: Arun Madisetti's son Dylan snaps Scar the habituated Sperm whale off the coast of The Commonwealth of Dominica


Storm in the making. On the final landing approach to the Kiev airport, a strange effect of different pressures creating a giant snow wave Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Eyjafjallajökull by (Jon Vidar)

Eyjafjallajökull is one of the smaller ice caps of Iceland, situated to the north of Skógar and to the west of Mýrdalsjökull. The ice cap covers the caldera of a volcano with a summit elevation of metres. Photo by (Jon Vidar)

Mt. St. Helens eruption, 1980.  Photo by Jim Cottingham

Helens eruption, the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States. Fifty-seven people were killed; 250 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles km) of railways, and 185 miles km) of highway were destroyed

|| Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökul, by Snaevarr Gudmundsson, through Universe Today.

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Close-Up, Iceland, April 2010 – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Cool Peagusus Horse-Shaped Cloud

The whole world loves unicorns, because they are the most beautiful creatures. When I was a little girl, I always dreamed about being a unicorn. But I'm a human. But the unicorn theme lives in my heart. I feel that in your heart too. Unicorns are often.

charcoal + orange + dark gold  I wonder how a deep blue would look with the charcoal and dark gold.

Earth, Volcano, Sky, Popacatepetl, Mexico by Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio

Mount Ruapehu Volcanic Eruption, New Zealand

I just love this image Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand. An eruption cloud from New Zealand Mt. Ruapehu dwarfs 'The Chateaux' lodge, in the foreground. (I stayed in this Chateaux in 1991 - Ceil)

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Photographer Clark Little is known for his jaw-dropping photos of giant waves crashing onto shore, a niche that's known as shorebreak photography.