Jup, I must admit I kinda felt in love with this blue hair lady. Hope soon gonna take more more and MORE photos with her! model,mua: Blue Astrid s.

Obsidian Kerttu  Beauty: Fantasy Unicorn Purple Violet Red Cherry Pink yellow Bright Hair Colour Color Coloured Colored Fire Style curls haircut lilac lavender short long mermaid blue green teal orange hippy boho ombré woman lady pretty selfie style fade makeup grey white silver trend trending  Pulp Riot

"Immortal Relations" book hybrid Glenda & boyfriend wolf-shifter Fredric Little.

Blue Astrid

Blue Astrid

'Dat pauldron

Warrior Queen, by Blyg Photography. << Definitely makes me think Evil Queen from OUAT. Ugh, she gets the BEST costumes!

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Model: Dayana Melgares Wig: EverydayWigs Welcome to Gothic and Amazing…I love that hair color

Robe Gothique Punk Rave "Pandora"

Gants Nightmare Before Christmas

Blue Ink Florence. Watercolor Bouquets and Wreaths delft

Blue Ink Florence. Watercolor Bouquets and Wreaths, delft blue, peony, floral wedding invite, greeting card, diy, flowers, china blue