thatwanderinglonewolf: Timber Wolf Portrait Howling in the Snow by Tim Fitzharris

♥WOLF♥ 185

Dakota, a grey wolf howling on top of a snowy hill.


Just 2 rogue wolves.




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Song of the wolf


Wolves kiss me

Beautiful wolf!

Beautiful face and golden eyes.

Lobos aullando en grupo salvaje.

Chorus by Thorsten Roepke

Yellowstone Gray Wolf Basking in a Snow Shower

Randy is just a cool guy. He mostly always is calm under pressure which makes for a great alpha. Once you get to know him you find he is more than a pretty boy he is an effective leader and a great friend.

5.+lobo+uivando.jpg (566×848)

5.+lobo+uivando.jpg (566×848)

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One Big Happy Family by Michael Cummings:

Snuggling to try to keep warm!

I want to take him and let him snuggle in my bed instead of the snow. Cold little wolf

Timber Wolf   Canis Lupus Print By Carol Gregory

Timber Wolf Canis Lupus Art Print by Carol Gregory

Timber Wolves (Canis Lupus) Plus