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José, María y su familia viajando a Jerusalén para ir al templo a adorar a Dios

Joseph and Mary, along with their family, making the journey to worship at the temple in Jerusalem


Enoc anduvo con Dios

The Bible says Enoch continued to walk with the true God, and that Enoch pleased God well. But when Genesis chapter 5 says ‘God took him,’…

Mientras María y José están en el templo, Simeón toma en brazos a Jesús y la profetisa Ana los observa

María y José viajan a Belén y allí nace Jesús

Illustration: Mary and Joseph at the temple, Simeon holds baby Jesus and the prophetess Anna looks on.

At a wedding feast in Cana, Jesus instructs attendants to fill jars with water

At a wedding feast in Cana, Jesus instructs attendants to fill jars with water

Juana y otras mujeres preparando las especias para el entierro de Jesús

¿Qué aprendemos del ejemplo de Juana?

What can we learn from Joanna?Illustration: Joanna and other women prepare spices for Jesus’ burial. See JW.

José y su padre, Jacob, se vuelven a encontrar

José interpreta los sueños del faraón

The disciples look on as Jesus ascends to heaven | My Book of Bible Stories | Tags: Jehovah's Witnesses, The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

Jesus Ascends to Heaven

A woman prays with a rosary in front of burning candles

A Puzzling Question—Is There Life After Death?

Shouldering Burdens - Rose Datoc Dall

by-grace-of-god: “ The young life of Jesus, as imagined by Rose Datoc Dall ”

Noah preaches to two men

Exercise Your Faith in Jehovah God’s Promises

Noah preaching to his neighbors why he was building the ark. Genesis W/Oct 2016 study edition.

Jesus institutes something new, known as the Last Supper or the Lord’s Evening Meal. What purpose does it serve?

The Lord’s Evening Meal on Nisan 14

Jesus institutes the Lord’s Evening Meal with his eleven faithful apostles

Ester mirando la naturaleza mientras otras mujeres se embellecen

La reina Ester defendió al pueblo de Dios

Esther observe la nature pendant que d’autres jeunes femmes se font belles

La noche antes de morir, Jesús recibe ánimo de un ángel

No dejemos de animarnos unos a otros (Hebreos 3:13)

An angel is sent to encourage Jesus on the night before his death. Jesus is not co-equal to the all-powerful and Almighty God Jehovah. Jesus attributed all his miracles to Jehovah's power or Holy Spirit which Jesus asked his Father for in prayer!

John the Baptizer

What Is Prophecy?

A prophecy is a message inspired by God, a divine revelation. Although Bible prophecy is being fulfilled today, not all divine revelations have future fulfillment.