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The Cost of Addiction As much as I hate to admit it, makeup is an addiction and cosmetic counters are a wicked weakness. I can’t walk into a department store and pass one without jonesing for the next beauty fix.


21 Photos Of Makeup Organization Any Beauty Lover Will Appreciate Sure this is a pretty epic makeup collection but the fact that it& organized by product and color is what truly blows our minds.


The Best Makeup: Splurges vs Steals! Visit www. or call for more information about Astute Artistry and the Center For Film Studies in Farmington Hills, MI!

must have!!! Clear acrylic spinning LUX Lip Stand with 120 sections for lipsticks

LUX Lip Stand 120 Sections (Clear, White or Black)

The LUX BOX™ Lip Stand is a rotating lippy heaven! Use this organizer to store up to 120 lipsticks in the individualized slots. Display your lipsticks with the color label facing out so that you will

Si lo organizas hasta puede ser parte de la decoración de tu habitación.

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