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Concentric (2010), acrylic on muslin cotton, 21 x 21 in. | Piero Passacantando on Little Paper Planes

Piero Passacantando produced these paintings working collaboratively with professional Thangka painters in Kathmandu, Nepal. Thangka paintings are traditionally used as guides for contemplation design

Zanis Waldheims Life of zanis waldheims

“ Zanis Waldheims - Geometrical Abstractions, Each object, curve and line represents a philosophical concept or the interplay of more than one concept. In a very real sense, the.

20 animaciones GIF que te hacen entender las matematicas

20 animaciones GIF que te hacen entender las matemáticas

Digital artist and physics Ph. student Dave Whyte is surprising our computer screens with his hypnotizing GIFs that are the ideal union of mathematics and art. Whyte shares his excellent,

Tissu non enduit Cubes fond blanc 20 x 140 cm

Tissu non enduit Cubes fond blanc 20 x 140 cm


This is a great picture of uniform connectedness. I love how it looks like the pupil of the eye.

Seccionado n.º 1,  1958. Hermelindo Fiaminghi (1920-2004) was a Brazilian painter, draughtsman, graphic artist, lithographer, advertising executive, lecturer and critic. At the start of his career, Fiaminghi devoted himself to geometric abstraction. His works are notable for the visual rhythm of the compositions.

Modern Quilts is a travelling exhibition and book about modern quilting in the century. The book and exhibit are curated by the Modern Quilt Guild.