Emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) on the ice in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica - a perfect family picture even at the extreme end of the world.

Boulders penguin colony - South Africa

Boulders Beach located in Cape Town, South Africa. Boulders Beach company contacts on South Africa Directory. Send email to Boulders Beach.

ANIMALES ALBINOS. Pingüino albino

Rare White Penguin-Leucistic penguins, sometime referred to as albinistic penguins, have a reduced level of pigmentation and are set apart from albinos due to their pigmented eyes, according to National Geographic.

Пингвины в свитерах

Penguin sweaters, also known as penguin jumpers, are sweaters which are knitted for penguins that have been caught in oil slicks. When an oil spill affects penguins, they are dressed in knitted sweaters to stop them preening their feathers and to .

Emperor Penguin Chicks

30 Cute Examples of Penguin Wallpaper

Bing baby birds birds emperor penguins penguins

Bing Images - Emperor Penguin - Emperor Penguin chicks on ice, Snow Hill Island, Antarctica (© Keren Su/China Span/Alamy)

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These animals have passion, purpose and promise. They are the prototype for excellent commitment and values.