"Best bounty hunter in the universe? Well, then you want them," said the man, pointing down the bar to where a little girl and her robot were playing chess.

Best in the universe.

((Open)) I kick my feet under the table as I make my next move. "I understand you're a bounty hunter?" I smile at you brightly as I reply.

•Writing Prompt•     Im working on a story about this and tbh it's going steady

Impatient devil.

125 years ago, an ancestor of yours traded the next male in his bloodline’s soul to the devil for untold power. A son is yet to be born, and the the devil is sick of waiting and wants your infant daughter.

You discover a tape from your brother, which begins with "If you're watching this, they've killed me." The thing is, he's still alive. You were just poking around in his things.

Being nosey.

As your best friend, you know your brother better than anyone, and nothing in his behavior or routine landing to a need for this videotape.

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Kidnapped story essay writing Story Titled The Kidnapping English Literature, she was crying and knew that I was being kidnapped by.

This is a bit humorous since I've also thought of musicians as assassins. it's a lit idea.

I would watch that. There's no way anyone could afford apartments like those on TV. They'd be like $300,000+

So no one told you life was gonna be this way *satan clapping*

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I’ve only seen Twilight, but I think I agree with the Bella Swan thing. Movie Hermione is definitely different from Book Hermione. I kinda fell in love with Book Hermione.