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Ovaltine: Wake up PERKY in the Morning! ~ My husband definitely wants me to switch to Ovaltine if I can look and feel this great in the mornings!

Ovaltine ad Mrs Brand is said to have loved this stuff throughout her life

1950s advertising posters - Google Search. CLICK the PICTURE or check out my BLOG for more: http://automobilevehiclequotes.tumblr.com/#1507010923

Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Simoniz Car Polish, None

Electrolux, 1950s advertisement - OMG! I had one of these - not nearly as good as advertised.

" ~ Electrolux Vacuum ad, ca.

Let’s Have A Pajama Party!  1950s advertisement.

Let's Have a Pajama Party! pajamas, ginger ale, lipstick, and records - done!

Tide’s Got What Women Want! - 1950s advertisement

Apparently "Tide's a sudsing whizz even in hardest water." It's enough to make you want to embrace your box of Tide so tightly that little hearts squirt right out of it. If you're into that kind of thing.

(Fresh lemons. Pun, not so much.)

World's Largest Lemons This was an ad for a bar mix called Quick Way.

1950s SEE! Pepsi is "light" refreshment...no need to have a diet! LOL ;) This ad tells me so!

Vintage Wedding Ads Make Your Housewife Dreams Come True: Have a Pepsi so youll fit in with the slim, trim bridesmaids of today.

Pacific Colour Telephone #telephone#1950s#advertising. I've never seen this colour before - so cool.

Pacific Colour Telephone This is the exact phone I had in my room. It was even the same color!

1950s Advertising Mom, marketing to mom

Marketing to Moms is Not a New Concept

Cherry Float Advertising Mom, marketing to mom

How dumb were vintage ad creators?!? that's just wrong! Wonder how many infants' deaths were caused by these ads+ Young or Dumb Parents.. Here's Another of countless, Baby in Cellphone ADs from Du Pont Cellophane,1950's. by v.valenti

Vintage Ads That Promoted Dangerous & Unhealthy Products

vintage everyday: The Good Old Days? 12 Crazy Vintage Ads That Prove We've Come…

1950 Dairy Queen ad featuring a classic vanilla soft serve ice cream cone.

1950 Dairy Queen ad featuring a classic vanilla soft serve ice cream cone. Many vintage advertisements.

50s advertisement. Simple, eye catching, bold, bright, colorful, nostalgic, vintage

theniftyfifties: “ A swinging 1952 Beech Nut Gum advertisement.

Woolworth Gumdrop Goody Tree FOR CHRISTMAS Birthday COME & SEE 1950 Magazine Ad | eBay

Memories of the old days: Woolworth Gumdrop Goody Tree FOR CHRISTMAS COME & SEE 1950 Magazine Ad. I still have one of these and my grandchildren are fascinated with the gumdrop tree. Decorating (and eating the goodies) is a holiday tradition.

1950s Advertising and they wondered why we smoked.

Vintage cheesecake illustration for Lucky Strike cigarettes

Great Collection of Pin-Ups this one is by Ben-Hur Baz

Mom & Dad know best, don't they??  Love this stuff...

When Doctors, and Even Santa, Endorsed Tobacco

Even babies thought "dad" should smoke Marlboro .