“ We all wanted this transparent don’t lie to me [art]

this is a scene from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, an incredible book series.ever since the newest book, House of Hades, came out I have been drawing. Daughter of Zeus

Artemis from percy jackson | Blog currently on hiatus. Thanks for your patience!

The Hunters of Artemis <--does everyone agree that this is the only pin of The Hunters Of Artemis.basically<--- I know right we need more of the Hunters!<<< where is Artemis in this picture wtf

Oh Leo

Hahaha Leo wrote on Pipers and Franks haha<< Percy wants a blue hamster.

Nicolette Di Angelo, Lea Valdez, Jacy Grace, Peter McLean, Andrew Chase, Percie Jackson, Frankie Zhang, Harry Levesque, Thomas Grace

I thought Genderbent Thalia was just the punk version of Percy. Hahah XD<<<LOL same here. Also Genderbent Piper is really hot