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i love the way he eats or drinks he looks adorabe!

Resultado de imagem para sassyreun

Resultado de imagem para sassyreun

Kai from exo is kinda cute x)

Imagine Kai with a smile like that while he's on stage thinking about you.

fykai:     BALLET-EROS - 도경수.김종인

Thank you for all rich noonas in every exo concert, that has provide such beautiful photo

he is soooo kind :'( okay now im literally crying coz one of those rare guys who r kind...

{gif} Sweet Kai :') oh my goodness YAA how the hell can we not cry our ass off when we met you and the other members?

*Você queria se declarar para Kai mas não sabia como iria fazer isso*S/n: ~ estava nervosa, passava as mãos no cabelo tentando achar uma forma de falar, pois Kai não estava ajudando muito, seus olhares o deixava mais nervosa~

React Kpop - Exo Maratona

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It hurts to know that he is taken. But I shall support my biases' relationships.