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Vexillium: Estandarte o pabellón distintivo de la caballería romana. Consistía en una pieza cuadrada de tejido unido a una barra horizontal coronada por dos águilas de bronce.

Equites Singulares Augusti, First Dacian War, AD Trooper, Decurion & Trooper - illustration by Richard Hook

- Hoplita Ateniense ./tcc/

Pre-Alexandrian Greece: Hoplites were heavily armed infantry men that made up most of the Greek army

2nd Century

Nice crest and pteruges. Favonius Facilis Centurion mid First Century AD", Graham Sumner

Roman officer from between 284-337 AD. ~ art by Giuseppe Rava

Linen armour, crest with feathers, spatha & semispatha in cloisonné decoration, udones & calcei. century Eastern centenarius ~ art by Giuseppe Rava


A catapult is any siege engine which uses an arm to hurl a projectile. The Roman version was called an onager. Projectiles included both arrows and (later) stones.


Romans in Britain - Roman Military auxiliaries, left behind as garrison troops after Constantine III took the last regulars with him to the continent to support his bid for the imperial throne.

Легионер в северной Британии, 160-180 года н.э

Легионер в северной Британии, 160-180 года н.э

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In the early days of the republic, only citizens (free-born Romans) who owned land were allowed to join the army.

Ron Embleton “Ronald Sydney Embleton October 1930 – 13 February was a British comics artist and illustrator whose work was much admired by fans and editors alike.” To lea…

Scene of the Roman - Dacian Wars - In the Woods - http://www.inblogg.com/scene-of-the-roman-dacian-wars-in-the-woods/

“The Second Roman–Dacian War” Nikolay Zubkov (Николай Зубков)

Legionaire of the celtic campaigns

Spain / Battles, Knights, Warriors - century CE Roman legionary and kit

Just before shields clash! A Roman and a Celt begin to battle, the Celt starting with a powerful, but useless slice to the Legionaries' scutum.

Roman shield types in Roman armies. Scutum and clipeus shields. Use of shield in Roman military. Roman legionaries and auxiliaries.


A Roman Centurion -- Professional officers of the Roman army after the Marian reforms of 107 BC. Most centurions commanded groups of centuries of around 100 but senior centurions commanded cohorts or took senior staff roles in their legion