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World has been full of wild animals that are very dangerous. And when it comes to Africa, this continent has many wild animals which are really very dangerous. In fact Africa is the continent on this

Despite their peaceful looking exterior, the Cape buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, considered one of the "Big Five" of dangerous beasts, along with the African elephant, black rhinoceros, lion and leopard. These animals are responsible for over 200 annual human deaths via their long, sharp horns - perfect for goring an unprepared human being. But of course mankind goes hunting for them too, and the hunters usually bring bigger weapons.

African Buffalo - Large, Robust Beast

African Buffalo - this enormous beast with horns is not a mild-mannered bovine, it is very dangerous.


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Cape Buffalo.        Now everyone, after me. First, lean to the left, one, two. Then, to the right, one, two.

Cape Buffalo Hunting - a good, hard, solid boss is the most accurate indicator of old age in a Cape Buffalo bull


African Buffalo {Syncerus Caffer} - Information and photographs about the African Buffalo, including fast facts, conservation status and general info. The African or Cape Buffalo is a member of the 'Big group of animals .

Huge Buffalo bull having a belly scratch on a termite mound ~ Mokala National Park

Huge Buffalo bull having a belly scratch on a termite mound ~ Mokala National Park

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Cape Buffalo (Species: Syncerus caffer) with a bird on its back.

O Cape Buffalo estar entre os Animais que são mais agressivos pelo mundo

Cape Buffalo From Elsen Karstad's 'Pic-A-Day Kenya': Cape Buffalo- Masai Mara, Kenya