Анна Кендрик — Фотосессия для «Billboard» 2015 – 2

““I started with music before acting. Because when you’re you’re singing, watching Janet Jackson on TV, performing in a ­mirror,” Anna Kendrick tells Billboard. “I would try to get my friends into.

21 Reasons Your Skin is Bad | Stay at Home Mum

Everyone can sympathise with the stress that a bad skin day causes and for a lucky few, these come around irregularly. For the rest of us mere mortals, however, bad skin is a problem we live with on a regular basis.

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An expert at rocking a sultry smoky eye and sleek waves, Anna has upgraded her look since her rookie days on the red carpet as far back as Come see how her beauty look has evolved over the years, right here.

Anna Kendrick... I love her. She's so beautiful

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Anna Kendrick, twilight & pitch perfecT and now in to the woods and also other things

I kind of have developed a serious girl crush on her. She's so funny & cute. And not perfect which makes Anna Kendrick well perfect!

I kind of have developed a serious girl crush on her. And not perfect which makes Anna Kendrick well perfect!

MOVIE ASK #20: A favorite actress-again, I have so many that I'm gonna go ahead and give several answers for my tops so here goes×: Anna Kendrick,

Dressing Your Truth Type 4 Anna Kendrick (not officially Typed)

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick (b American stage and screen actress and singer "The total absence of pores is a good sign of Photoshop, but some photo editors also add pores to a heavily retouched image.

A meeting of masculine and feminine: Anna Kendrick (left) looked slender in a black tuxedo suit with no shirt or bra while Bonnie McKee (right) had on a burgundy floor-length gown with several gold necklaces layered on top of each other

Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Madonna and Nicki Minaj at Grammy Awards

2015 Grammy Awards: Anna Kendrick in Band of Outsiders with a Jacquie Auche earring and ear jacket and a Selin Kent ring.