So true ❤️

Ughh, false, I can't stand them. He's not even really singing it's nothing but auto tunning.

Idk him stalker like but you can definitely call me a dictionary for jacob❤️

What I learned about making this Jacob fan account: a lot of people can really impact something.

I would literally do that but then the stupid teachers would call my mom and say that I ran away to see my everything ❤️ don't stop true love ❤️

Li live in Virginia sooo ill just drop out and stalk Jacob full time 😂😂

Bro i literally have to say this to all my friends like wtf where r u living

Or * Allie and I read a hate comment * stares at each other * say at the Same time * REPORT ABUSE

So true,I wish I was them but I'm really happy for them!

There is this girl that goes to my school that meet Jacob and it makes me so upset because she wears her lanyard to school and even though I complain about it all the time I gotta be happy for her