Love Is. the deliciousness of shared sleep. Looking forward to our seepover party!

"I want you because you’re different. You’re not like anyone else. Because you make me happy in a way no one else can." | #youmakemehappy #iwantyou #happiness

I want you because you’re different. You’re not like anyone else

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We have had this the whole time.  Even when we screamed and yelled and fought.  Even when we are apart.

Loving you and having you come into my life has made me see love in different levels. My love for you has my heart overflowing!

I so am....madly, deeply,passionately, romantically in love with you.

Look into your mates eyes, caress his/her face and tell them: "I am so in LOVE with you." This kind of romantic love expression does a lot for nurturing your relationship. I love you Elizabeth dos Ramos

As damaged and scared as you are, I still want you and love every part of you

I have scars. You have scars. And life works best when we love each other . scars and all.

Yep I can't .,,,., not sure why because I deserve so much better than you. I suppose you moved on to the next one, who you will blame when she finds out about that one, too.

Losing Ten was unbearable for me. If only we could go back to how things were. I miss him so much! I can't handle not having him in my life! I CAN'T!

“Everything we do together just makes me fall in love with you more.” ❤️

Everything we do together just makes me fall in love with you more.

All of our adventures, our random trips, our family time, cuddling on our huge mattress in the living room, i love all of our crazy life♡♡ 45 days until forever♡

One can assume so. Certainly it makes it easier to let go for now to focus on my right now, knowing it will eventually happen. And if it doesn't, it either wasn't meant to be or it took too long and at least I didn't have to miss it during all my right nows.

If two hearts are meant to be together, no matter how long it takes, how far they go, how tough it seems, fate will bring them together to share their love forever. This is the sort of love destiny everyone wants

like I said, we may not be perfect, but we are perfect FOR each other.

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worked out for us!

There is a lot of truth in this.i hope. You have to have "the who" AND " the when" in Gods perfect time for it to be right. A lot of ppl get ahead of God and ruin things. --- told to me by one of my pastors. Love him❤😍❤


This should say, "A kiss on the forehead from Channing Tatum is one of the sweetest things in the world!" Just sayin'!