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From the first time I tried these little frozen delights at Six Flags I was hooked. Dippin' Dots ! Yum!

My first memories of these are at Dollywood​ and for the longest time I thought that was the only place you could get them. Now I get so excited when I'm at a zoo or mall and see some. Banana​ split is the best!

Woud Coup_ Rectangular Shelf | Black 140140

Woud Coup_ Rectangular Shelf | Black 140140

Homemade Ice cream dippin' dots!!! Can't wait to make them!!  (If I ever make them)

Make Homemade Dippin' Dots Ice Cream

Make Your Own Liquid Nitrogen Dippin' Dots: Dippin' Dots Ice Cream is made by cryogenically freezing ice cream into little balls.