Funky Doggy Toiliet Paper Roll Holder

20 Productos que harán de tu casa un lugar extremadamente divertido

So funny in a kid's bathroom! Funky Doggy Toilet Paper Roll Holder, 13 Home Furnishings that are Seriously Wrong

Gäste WC

Gäste WC

i need this!!!!!! Morning Mug is absolutely cute and a great gift idea!!! [ ] #funny #meme #technology

Morning Mug

Morning Mug // perfect for sleepy Monday mornings - and so cute! this is awesome!

Teeth cleaning would be a lot more fun with these. Stopping them using too much would be the trick

Toothpaste caps

Funny pictures about Toothpaste caps. Oh, and cool pics about Toothpaste caps. Also, Toothpaste caps photos.

lifters toilet

Strong Man toilet paper holder Such eccentric and crazy gadgets attract everyone’s attention.

15 Odd Toilets and Other Bizarre Bathroom Fixtures | BuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

15 Odd Toilets and Other Bizarre Bathroom Fixtures

Fish n Flush is a unique toilet that integrates an aquarium in the tank. I want this as my toilet

Clever a n d Hysterical

Round Windows

The Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet from ekoD Works, a small design firm that’s known for coming up with cheeky designs for everyday use objects

Toilet paper holder

I love the Idea that something as boring as a toilet roll holder can spark peoples imagination !