Bonsai Tree Histories: Juniper Bonsai Case History (juniperus squamata)

Juniper Bonsai History: This is one of the first trees that I ever began to train as a bonsai and I find it satisfying that after many years it has become a very natural looking cascade style bonsai.

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Bonsai, Broccoli, String Garden

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After you have chosen a method to start a bonsai tree, you will need to take good care of it to make sure it grows healthy. Your bonsai tree will need the right combination of soil, sunlight, air and water. If you fail to recreate the proper environment, the bonsai tree may wither during its development. Be patient – it may take a few trials and errors before you figure it all out.

A bonsai tree is completely from the average potted plant. It is a tiny, magnificent piece of nature, grown in a pot.

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Bonsaï & Penjing - Chinese cedar - Cryptomeria japonica v sinensis - Taxodiaceae - Donated by Gov't of China - 60 years old 185