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Uno de los Invaders en la ria de Bilbao (2014)

Uno de los Invaders en la ria de Bilbao (2014)

Game Over

Not a mother and her dead son.

Awesome. these people are just awesome

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19 Cool and Interesting Facts About Super Mario Bros - TechEBlog

Here are some cool and interesting things you may not have known about Super Mario Bros. (also, it was Pauline, not Princess Peach, in Donkey kong. Sorry, I'm a video game snob )

Realistic pokemon

Realistic pokemon

Hyperrealistic Illustrations of Pokémon Characters . This would just be to awesome if there was a hyper realistic pokemon movie. Bring these to life please!

I see you're in 1st place on the last lap... It would be a shame if you... HIT YOURSELF WITH YOUR OWN SHELL.

21 Things We Learned From Mario Kart 64

Friday 4Koma 第169話 - Another Brick in the Wall 「4コマ漫画」

Another Brick in the Wall is a comic, by Omake Theater, and contains content related to animated, and Tetris.