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Uno de los Invaders en la ria de Bilbao (2014)

Uno de los Invaders en la ria de Bilbao (2014)

Mario Aquarium

Super Mario Bros Fish Tank // I want to do this but for octopodes and Minecraft! Well just fish I love this idea lol

Gandalf's staff, a lightsaber, a sword -  a very epic sword, is that Anduril? - a sonic screwdriver or a wand? I would totally pick the sword. Not because I think myself actually capable of using it, but swords are cool.

Gandalf's staff, a lightsaber,a sword from LoTR, a sonic screwdriver or a wand? I would totally pick the sword. I would take either the sonic screwdriver or wand

Shakespeare's Pencils

Shakespeare's Pencils by ThatRobert

[Shakespeare's Pencils - Shirt Woot - by Artist ThatRobert]

Comic Book Artist badge! An Animated Short Film Made Entirely With Drawings On Post-It Notes - DesignTAXI.com

Phenomenal short animations made with sharpie on ordinary sticky notes.


We have a variety of t-shirt collections to suit your interests including a Pocket Monsters collection. Browse character t shirts from your favorite shows here!

We have all seen these propaganda posters before but not quite like this. We wanted to refresh the over saturated use of the old poster with some new witty ideas. We hope you have a sense of humor and enjoy these prints as much as we do.  All Keep Calm prints are printed on high quality archiva...

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legend of zelda

I have played and finished: Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Phantom Hourglass. Barely played: Ocarina of Time and Minish Cap. Still need to finish A Link to the Past.

Ideas Ingeniosas

Funny pictures about Mario Ghost Wall Switch. Oh, and cool pics about Mario Ghost Wall Switch. Also, Mario Ghost Wall Switch.

Mario fridge.

Awesome Super Mario perler fridge magnets - planned out specifically to create a great scene on the fridge doors. (Geek Stuff Game Of)

Call of Duty Logic

Sherlock Valentines

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Mushrooms lead to fire flowers. Fire flowers lead to stars. Stars lead to suffering… View "Darth Mario" and more funny posts on Dorkly