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¿Conoces la Fárfara?

Coltsfoot medicinal herb has been used for thousand of years as herbal medicine and some persons smoke the leaves as a substitute to tobacco.

Pineapple Weed- grows all around where i live and i never knew you could use it like chamomile! <3

Pineapple Weed - Weekly Weeder #29 + Wildcrafting Wednesday Blog Hop

We call this wild chamomile- pineapple weed - Weekly Weeder @ Common Sense Homesteading


Calabash may be termed a wonder healing medicinal herb for various illnesses and the leaves may be used to reduce high blood pressure.

Nettles - spring tonic, allergy reliever, bone builder, rennet substitute and much more.

Stinging Nettle - Weekly Weeder #16

Both nettle seeds and leaves are useful: the leaves are used to bring down swelling in a wound. The seeds are used to counter the effects of weak poison.

LAVAS is een kruidachtige plant die afkomstig is uit Zuid-Europa. De Romeinen verspreidden het kruid met hun veroveringstochten door Europa. Zowel de bladeren als de zaden worden gebruikt in de keuken en hebben een selderijachtige smaak. Bladeren worden gebruikt in stoofpotten, salades, sauzen en soepen. Het zaad wordt gebruikt om brood smaak te geven. Lavas kan gebruikt worden als smaakversterker.

it is a perennial celery Lovage is near the top of the list of naturally occurring sources of quercetin (an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer agent), just behind tea, red onions and capers. A root decoction can also be used to t


Preparedness Herb - Mullein / good for winter sinus congestion. It loosens mucus and expels it from the body, and would be a useful herb to use along side golden rod for colds and flu.

Linda Cochran's Garden: Verbascum Bombyciferum

Linda Cochran's Garden: Verbascum bombyciferum, Iris, Silene coronaria, and Indian rice grass.