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iipandai: “ . If someone knows the artist please let me know ”


mystic messenger image

mystic messenger, Jesus Christ this sounds like me and one of my friends XD

Nothing really || Mystic Messenger ★

Mystic Messenger- Mc, Seven (Choi Saeyoung and Choi Saeran (Unknown) Susanghan Messenger

Thx thx, @xaikra.

*takes a sip of water* . "Well Jumin han does gay now". *takes another sip of water than spits it out and rolls on the ground laughing*

Having a son eventually means the father becomes territorial over the mother. Why? The son is another male and it's competition for the mother's affection.

) He called me when I was at work and I immediately ran to go pick up my son. Little did I know, that when I bent over to pick up my kid, he was checking out my ass and thinking, "I want mommy too ." ((No fandoms))

I guess you could say she's measuring up her opponent

(My fave rwby episode in the world) Should have taken measures first on how to deal with neo, yang.

c911acb431b5a691958a0dfa24c7cae5.jpg 764×1,358 pixels

c911acb431b5a691958a0dfa24c7cae5.jpg 764×1,358 pixels

*Holds breath*N-No can't do it....*Bursts out laughing and can't stop for over 3 hours*

*Holds breath*N-No can't do it.*Bursts out laughing and can't stop for over 3 hours*