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Do you live for the thrill of adventure and are you constantly dreaming of new places to visit? If you and your significant other have a bad case of the travel bug, why not incorporate a travel theme into your wedding?  With some DIY touches, a few globes, and a map or two you can have a beautiful wedding fitting with your sense of adventure. So please fasten your seat belts and enjoy these 25 gorgeous travel themed weddings.
wedding invitation
Sand Vows - Bodas & Eventos Puerto Vallarta: Invitaciones para tu boda!
invitación de boda
Gatsby de invitación de boda Letterpress de por hellotenfold
Decoración de boda en rojo: Una invitación con el color más romántico de todos!
simple, sweet, lovely... and great paper
Invitaciones de Boda Únicas y Especiales - Diario de una Novia