I like the feather/scale look of the armor on Her -- The Phantom Queen by Nymonyrya on deviantART

Morrígan (irish mythology), goddess of battle, strife and sovereignty. Well, I can't believe that after more than a year I finally finished this. The Phantom Queen

Beautiful and Owl

Blodeuwedd, Welsh (Celtic) - Spring & Owl Goddess of flowers, an aspect of the White Goddess of death and life.a Queen of Swords

My favorite drawing of The Morrigan.

Sterling Novak uploaded this image to 'The Morrigan'. See the album on Photobucket.

La Morrigan

La Morrigan

Funestes et Sombres Envols « L'Antre de Morrigan

Funestes et Sombres Envols

Morrigan-reminiscent of Death in Neil Gaiman's Sandman

Fairy Art

“Sleipnir’s Gift” Odin’s steed, Sleipnir, thunders through the heavens, flecks of red foam from his mouth land upon the Earth and are transformed into the red toadstools sacred to faery and for the.