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My Notes are Better Than Yours: The Student Guide to Expert Note Taking college student tips

27 Ways to Get More Done

27 Ways to Get More Sh!t Done

27 Ways to Get More Done-Im guilty of doing opposite of just about every one of these - Bikini Fitness

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the-girlygeek: “ // Nibbling on some coffee ice cream while I catch up on my marketing notes. ✌️ I spent most of the morning working on my weekly spread, but I’m going out to run some errands soon. Hopefully i’ll still be productive when I.


Open University Student Journey — Attempting to get organised!

Como aumentei as visualizações do meu blog em 2 meses


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let ideas sprout.

Le Carnet de Lily : 5 livres à lire en 2015

Anything by Cal Newport- if you haven't noticed already, I'm a bit obsessed with Cal Newport's books. He makes college so much easier with his advice. While reading his books I saw my grades pic.

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a girl who likes to sit outdoors and journal or write. :) dark-rye: People go on and on (and on, and on) about inspiration but all it comes down to is something fuzzy to sit on.

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For all the people like me that do their hair really nicely so they can feel hot while studying algebra.

tanya's studyblr — mischastudy: Another day, another study session.

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The landscape's greatest challenges: free photography cheat sheet - part 3

How to put an image inside text with Adobe Photoshop - Video Tutorial

Free Photoshop Video Tutorial: Clipping Mask

Free Photoshop Tutorial: How to use a Clipping Mask In this post I want to share with you a free Adobe Photoshop video tutorial that I created. The term clippin