Mari by Henry W Dixon Found on Black Art In America on Facebook

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Second Service by Henry Battle   black art | black church - gma - 2

This is one of my favorite art pictures . Second Service --Henry Lee Battle

I don't know....

novamatic: “ I had to make this because I was planning to write an extended rant about the long-standing obsession with dehumanizing, de-feminizing, disrespecting, marginalizing and silencing Black.

I know I am proud to be me!

A cartoon image of a black girl who is proud to be herself with her natural hair. This image empowers and reassures black girls that their natural hair, skin, and features are something to be proud of.

Snow Black

Black Snow White Is this for real? I'm in love with this! My favorite princess!

Egipty queen

pedraw: “ This is a piece that i had great fun and joy drawing it very happy with the final outcome & inspired me to do more afro art & vibrant images. In addition it was featured on “advanced photoshop © magazine” on the out to do section, a small &.