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British WW1 Poster

Dulce et Decorum Est-----Vintage WWI Chemical Warfare Gas Mask Safety War Poster.

German soldiers in action with M1916

historicaldetailsandstuff: “ The German light flame thrower of the First World War was operated by two men: one carried the tank of compressed nitrogen, the other aimed the hose. Early models had to.

Canadian poster: Your Chums are Fighting - Why Aren't YOU?

Canadian World War II Posters Gallery

Soldiers, France, 1917 | 16 Edwardian Colour Photos That Will Make You Feel Like A Time Traveller

Group of French servicemen, "Poilus", in front of the entrance of a cote. Woods of Hirtzbach. June From David Latapie

How the Conscientious objector was represented in WW1!!!!!!!

British WWI propaganda poster, mocking the conscientious objector (portraying them as weak and effeminate - things no man would want to be at the time)

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | British WW1 Propaganda Posters

British poster, Belgian Canal Boat Fund for the relief of the civil population behind the firing lines.

historywars: “This poster was produced in September 1915 and was the last one to make use of an image in the recruitment campaign. By the time it was produced enlistment numbers had fallen and the...

Forward to victory. Enlist now. LOC Summary: Poster showing a mounted soldier brandishing a sword, his horse at full gallop

"Semez des pommes de terre pour les soldats, pour la France"

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A shell-shocked British soldier captured by the Germans during WW1, Shell shock was a common cause of crippling injury, usually without any physical trauma. Shell-shocked troops suffered from the effect of blast on the central nervous system experiencing severe disorientation, deafness, emetic syndrome, trembling, and often inability to stand.

A shell-shocked British soldier captured by the Germans, 1918 (IWM Imperial War Museum, London, England)

World War 1 British enlistment poster #UpscaleYourWalls with ruemarcellin.com Orginal #Vintage #Posters and #Prints

Broken Hearted by Mike Bell Frankenstein Monster Love Lost Tattoo Fine Art Print

World War 1 British enlistment poster - specifies men and excludes women - will need contrasting but shows the sexism