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Identify Adverbs: Practice Worksheets and Assessment

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You've taught your students about adverbs and how they function in sentences... but now what? Next comes lots and lots of practice! These no-prep grammar worksheets are ready to go for you. Just print and go! This resource includes six adverbs worksheets and one adverbs assessment. Students interact with adverbs that modify verbs, adverbs that modify adjectives, and adverbs that modify other adverbs. Each printable contains 18-19 sentences. On most of the worksheets, students must identify the adverbs in each sentence.
Let's take a closer look at what is practiced on each worksheet:
Worksheets 1 & 2- Adverbs that Modify Verbs: Students must circle the adverb, and underline the verb being modified. They must also list which of the 4 questions is being answered by the adverb. (When? Where? In what way? To what extent?)
Worksheet 3- Adverbs that Modify Adjectives: Students must circle the adverb, and underline the adjective being modified.
Worksheet 4- Adverbs that Modify Other Adverbs: Students must circle the two adverbs in each sentence.
Worksheet 5- Multiple Adverbs: Each sentence contains 2-3 adverbs that students must identify by circling them.
Worksheet 6- Words that End with -LY: Students must determine whether the underlined word is an adverb, adjective, noun, or verb.
Assessment: Identifying Adverbs: Students must circle the adverb(s) in each sentence, and draw an arrow from each adverb to the word that it is modifying. (This worksheet contains a mix of adverbs that modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.)
When complete, your students will have identified 174 adverbs in 131 sentences!
This resource is available in TWO FORMATS:
1. TRADITIONAL PRINTABLES- Print the PDF and distribute paper copies to your students to complete.
2. TPT EASEL ACTIVITY- Students complete this digital version of the activity on a device. Students read each sentence and locate adverbs. On most of the worksheets, they use the highlighting tool to highlight the adverb, and they use the shape-drawing tool to draw a box around the word that is being modified. Students also label underlined words in sentences by dragging labels on the slide, and they type in text boxes.
Here's what teachers like you had to say about using these adverbs worksheets with their students:
⭐️ Markel E. said, "Useful resource to use for checking how well your students really know adverbs."
⭐️ Nicole M. said, "Great product! Great review and gave my students a good challenge."
⭐️ Stacie M. said, "Very nice resource for targeting adverbs and the kids liked it."
⭐️ Schoolhouse Treasure said, "These are great and they are definitely going to give my students the extra practice that they need!"
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