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Crystal Tip For Chakras Base- Red Jasper Sacral- Carnelian Solar Plexus…

Crystal Healing for the Flu. Green Moss Agate, Flourite, Jasper, Turquiose, Rose Quartz

Crystal Tip ~ For Flu : Use Green Moss Agate, Fluorite, Jasper, Turquoise or Rose Quartz.

✯ Crystal Tip: For Aching Muscles ✯ https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/MagickalGoodies

CRYSTAL TIP: For Aching Muscles - To soothe aching muscles, hold or tape an aventurine stone to the muscle for 30 minutes. Carry Rose Quartz with you during the day.

Carnelian for your sacral chakra is a GREAT idea

a selection of stones aligned to chakras. There are of course many other crystals that can also help

Crystal healing for a suspicious mind

Crone Cronicles: Stones for a suspicious mind

Healing Crystals for Kids - Series #2

Healing Crystals for Kids - Lemon Chrysoprase

These crystals will cover any issues you have.

This is certainly an incredible kick-start kit to have✨❣

Crystals for Vertigo

Top Recommended Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, or Malachite Additional Crystal Recommendations: Sapphire

Crystals for low self esteem. X

Healing crystals tip for low self esteem. Amethyst, carnelian, sodalite and citrine all help your self esteem by boosting your self worth.

Properties of Stones and Crystals | Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones, Crystals, Etc

Crystals & Stones: Crystal Tip ~ For Digestion.

Crystal Tip ~ For Food Poisoning Prevention : Use Citrine.

Crystal Tip ~ For Food Poisoning Prevention : Use Citrine.

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Chakra stones

stones corresponding to chakras - While I personally have no argument whatsoever…

Crystal tip for lifting spirits. There are a few stones that help absorb negativity and promote positivity. Chrysoprase is really pretty.

ealing properties of Chrysoprase ~ Chrysoprase is used to speed the healing of any wound. It should not be placed on the body, but held over the affected area. Carry a Chrysoprase in a pocket to help heal. Also keep a Chrysoprase close to your bed at nigh

Crystal tip for strength

Hematite, Rutilated Quartz & Abalone Shell for physical strength

Healing crystals to help you through your moontime | Rogue Wood Supply

Synchronizing your moontime with healing crystals

Healing crystals to help you through your moontime. For many of us, our moontime can be a monthly blow that we never look forward to. Sometimes there are aches and pains, lifestyle changes, and even emotional. highs and lows.