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When in Doubt, Go to Yoga. #Quotation #Yoga

i knew i had my practice at the end of the day.all would be better.it was tough but it was always better :)

Every day is a nice day to practice yoga! Ommmmm!

Yogi's Journal

It's always a great day for yoga at Yoga For You! Our personalized videos make it so everyday is a nice day for yoga!

This! Finding your path to inner peace is a journey and life change....not an instant release. Notch by notch you let the darkness that burdens your heart and mind and allow your inner goddess to awake. I know there is so much bitterness that I cling to...it's time to let go and let my life be formed as it was meant to be. I cannot fight it. I cannot force it. I can only be.

Chakras: 7 Year Development Life-cycles

The Seven Year Cycle of Development. The table was designed to give a graphic illustration of the seven-year cycle of human development, according to the Vedic Treaties Chakravidya created by Konstantin.

~Sharath Jois~

There are many types of yoga for seniors to choose from. The beauty of yoga is we adapt it to our own health and abilities or situation.Yoga is beneficial.