Crochet a Yoda Doll - Free Amigurumi Pattern - Craftfoxes

A Little Crocheted Yoda tutorial - i outright cannot do little things like that and i'm not into star wars but how super cute is this?

Cute amigurumi crochet bunny/ Pattern is in Spanish and my computer wouldn't translate it, but I can figure it out. It uses basic amigurumi technique

Amigurumi Pelican & Guppy - Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Pelican & Guppy Crochet i must make a marlin and a dory to go with this!

Amigurumi Woodland Animal Patterns Free

Amigurumi Woodland Animal Patterns Free

Amigurumi Beaver - Free by Sharon Ojala of Amigurumi Freely Water Mammals - Animal Crochet Pattern Round Up - Rebeckah's Treasures

willewopsie: Kikker!

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