Because im so plain.. I would probably get this with AKW & a little heart at the end.. But where??

100 Popular Tattoo Designs and Meanings for Men & Women

Blackwork Flower Tattoos

Valentine Craft Pom Pom Monsters Tutorial

Thigh linework and dotwork Roses and glitter blackwork flower tattoo. Blackwork flower tattoos are mysterious, dark and sexy.

Placement of bow tattoo

33 Animal Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked ASAP

Image result for thumb tattoos

Image result for thumb tattoos

The cutest watercolor owl tattoo ever!

nice Tattoo Trends - Owl Tattoo Designs & Meaning – Best tattoos designs and ideas for me.

Welcome to the world of hipster henna! Take your favorite feathered tattoo pattern to your henna artist and have it re-created for a temp tattoo your friends will envy. We love this compass design from Sarahenna.

16 Henna Tattoos You'll Want This Summer

Try a less permanent version of a tattoo you crave with henna. We love this boho compass piece by Sarahenna. This would make a beautiful tattoo.