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Looks similar to my wedding dress, modeled after the same picture.

Lovely reproduction of a pre-Raphaelite painting. Medieval gown through the eyes of the Victorians. One of my favourite paintings by John William Waterhouse "Ophelia"

petticoatguru:  Medieval Europe, 13th - early 14th century.  THE MODE IN HATS AND HEADDRESSBy R. Turner Wilcox

THE MODE IN HATS AND HEADDRESSBy R. Turner Wilcox- some of the headdresses look great. The rest i wonder what the heck ere you trying to do?

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simple shape, long wide gown, embridery, fitting shape around the waist, long waisted appearance

Today's gown/dress is a Medieval reproduction designed by Dornbluth of Germany Credit and many thanks to them

I don't know if this is very realistic to the actual medieval clothing but I assume it is.

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Clothes Not Costume - How to layer and improve your LARP costume!

Layering costume for fantasy LARP games can be tricky, but here's an example how some simple robes were put together.


Brianna Nobility Gown from Hale Center Foundation for the Arts and Education - Archive Costumes Inventory. lovely surcoat dress with detailing.

Medieval Gown

Investiture This dress was made by Elisabeth Amnegard-Fisher of Nine Ladies Design I'm curious about her sources/inspiration. (Bespoke century medieval re-enactment gown.