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All the way

I know someone bisexual and transgender>>>> I am bisexual. :> oh and I have a pansexual friend, a panromantic asexual friend, and a lesbian friend.

OHHHH SNAPPADILLYDINGDONG // ... Snappadillydingdong? Really? That's brilliant!

The homophobic preacher in my town dosen't know how special I made his son feel when we kissed.

And this epic story.

25 Savage Things That Will Make You Laugh Despite Yourself

And this epic story. Its sad tho how people still think like the stupid aunt. Its mostly older generations.

You are loved

I had just noticed the muslim in this and it makes me love this even more. LGBT muslims need more recognition.

Angels from Heaven - Win Picture | Webfail - Fail Pictures and Fail Videos.  Love stories like this.

Angels from Heaven - Win Picture