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Supernatural and Avengers would be awesome. Especially the Gabriel/Loki meet up (co-conspiring and/or having a prank contest to end all) and off to the side Charlie would just be flirting with Nat while they swap bad jokes/fandom references.

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Oh my gosh I'm crying from laughing so hard

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This person has no idea what kind of feels they're in for. Like for real I just started watching and season 2 already proves that season 1 was their happy time

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Yes you fell into the Pit. Everyone knows that's where our fandom lives

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As soon as I saw the burning ceiling I thought of Jessica and Mary.I laughed too hard at this.

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The Supernatural Side of Tumblr part 3

Season 7 was literally the writers thinking: "Hmmm. How many dick jokes can we get into this season.

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(Brief language alert.) Mark Sheppard and Jared Padalecki.

Haha Ghostfacers!

Ghostfacers: The Longest Surviving SPN Characters.) maybe the writers are the ghost facers?

Dean is my spirit animal

the faces jensen makes though.

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Who knew these things actually sound good!