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20 espectaculares fotos de los Sony World Photography Awards | Undermatic

20 espectaculares fotos de los Sony World Photography Awards

The World Photography Organization has just recently announced the shortlist for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist.

Подводный фотограф Кристиан Визль

Christian Vilz, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. Cenote Car Wash: Cenotes from the Maya word dzonot "well" refers to any locations with accessible groundwater in a deep natural pit or sinkhole.

Photo by @christianziegler  Big lick: Rajah’s pitcher plant (Nepenthes rajah) has the largest of all pitchers, containing up to 3 liters of liquid. The species is endemic to higher elevations of the Mt. Kinabalu area and listed as endangered in the IUCN red list. Nepenthes rajah has a mutualistic relationship with the Tree shrew (Tupaia Montana) and some nocternal rats. The plant offers nectar inside its lid, which isfrequently licked off by the tree shrews in the daytime. While licking, the…

2014 Sony World Online Photography Animals/Nature Awards - Daily Doozy (shared via SlingPic)

Viviana Peretti, Drag Queen María Antonia Cadavid, che rappresenta l'Italia, attende il momento di salire sul palco del Miss Gay Internacional, un concorso per drag queen organizzato dalla discoteca gay Theatron a Bogotà. María Antonia, 21 anni stilista della provincia di Medellín, vincerà il concorso.

Due italiani tra i fotografi migliori del mondo

Ver y Conocer Extremadura - Foto - abejaruco (897277)

Ver y Conocer Extremadura - Foto - abejaruco (897277)

Weaver birds in action.

weaver birds building a nest. How can people look at this and still say there is no God. What an amazing creator we have. “Double take” By chrisli Weaver bird(s) building a nest

This image, taken by Li Hao, is titled "Beer Festival in Munich" and was taken during Oktoberfest celebrations. The photographer says that l...

The image taken by Li Hao is titled 'Beer Festival in Munich' and was taken during last year's Oktoberfest celebrations. The photographer sa.


A Hoopoe: "Chick Feeding Time." A Hoopoe is The National Bird of Israel. (Photo By: Helena Kuchynková.

A proud mother Robin, watching over her brood! _________________________________________ Photography by: Art Lupinacci Copyright © 2012, Art Lupinacci

Mama Robin & her young ~ Photo by Art Lupinacci.and this reminds me of the pictures that I took a few days ago because there was a nest full of baby robins in a tree out in my front yard and I took several pictures of it.

♀ Like to swimming in nature...to bad it's too cold to do it in San Francisco bay area (#whale #sharks #models adventure fashion photography)

PREVIOUS PINNER: Spectacular Underwater Whale Shark Fashion Shoot - marine life photographer Shawn Heinrichs collaborated with fashion photographer Kristian Schmidt on this completely awe-inspiring underwater project

Silvereye or waxeye.............OH! IT'S YOU AGAIN.......WHADDA YA WANT THIS TIME???"............ccp

The silvereye or wax-eye (Zosterops lateralis) is a very small omnivorous passerine bird of the south-west pacific.The silvereye feeds on insect prey and large amounts of fruit and nectar, making them occasional pests of commercial orchards.

A gallery of exquisite bird photos that is amazing.

The Crimson Sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja) feed largely on nectar, although they will also take insects, especially when feeding young. It is a resident breeder in tropical southern Asia from India to Indonesia.

36 More Perfectly Timed Photos | Bored Panda

36 More Perfectly Timed Photos

Looks like this guy has wings.Actually this guy is being chased by a Crane,the tallest Bird in the world.Caught on camera at Keoladeo National Park n Rajasthan India by Photographer Jagdeep Rajput.

Jardim Zoológico - Blogue Educacional: Existem animais selvagens em Portugal? O Melro metalico de cauda comprida

Jardim Zoológico - Blogue Educacional: Existem animais selvagens em Portugal? O Melro metalico de cauda comprida