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Soy un Zorro!

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Best HD Wallpapers of Animals, Desktop Backgrounds for PC & Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone

An American Eskimo Dog on the left and an Arctic Fox on the right.

11 Dogs That Look Like a Fox

Many people would love to have a pet fox, but foxes are not domesticated creatures, or cuddly pets.

Red Fox Cub by Sebastian Saarloos

Red Fox Cub by Sebastian Saarloos. Red foxes lived in a den on the neighbor's hill. I often sneaked up and watched the puppies play when I was a kid.

Painting Leopard

Modern sitting room art wall decor oil painting on canvas print blue eye leopard

Linda....adoro raposas!

Not only is this a sweet picture but I am interested in shape the foxes body makes when its curled up like this. I could incorporate it somehow into my logo or mark.

Aw!!! How cute is that?

Red fox pup- ever since I saw"The Fox & the Hound" I've always thought that having a pet fox would be thee coolest thing in the world!

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schneefuchs-ac78ac6b-878e-4795-b0cc-0f81bb2c825b.jpg (1000×1000)

schneefuchs-ac78ac6b-878e-4795-b0cc-0f81bb2c825b.jpg (1000×1000)