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魂の起源・・・地球に降り立つ前 の画像|ツインソウルメソッド✡ 目覚めよ女神パワー♥

魂の起源・・・地球に降り立つ前 の画像|ツインソウルメソッド✡ 目覚めよ女神パワー♥

Historia con mi Llama Gemela

ALL of us are on different journeys, yet at the end of this dimensional life path, we will see the same brilliant light.♥ so how can you judge someone who is on a different path.


This romantic painting of a man and woman kissing was inspired by the romance novel Feel My Need, written by Carol Cavalaris, and is from the Passion Collection of art by Carol Cavalaris.


Twin Flame Push and Pull or Unhealthy Co-dependency? Beware of the Twin Flame Label!

Dancing in the Moon

Gallery for Paintings Art Love. Love is in the Air - Romantic Fantasy Art of Josephine Wall 1

Twin Flame Love., Available as original high quality cards, posters, mounted framed and canvas prints. Created by Brian Exton.

There are many characteristics to the twin flame union and there are many twin flame relationship stages you may go through.

Today I have a selection with the beautiful artworks made by Matkraken aka Matias Gonzalez, a designer from Argentina. I first came across his work in the latest Hysterical Minds release which you can see here.


Soul Mates - The bond you share reaches way across life times and can never be severed, so you will always be guided in the right direction to find and, eventually when the time is right, to reunite.Art by Dorina Costras

Fractal Art, Twin, Twins

all we want from that ONE person!

all we want from that ONE person!

Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. Physical intimacy creates energetic and neural connections that last forever.