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Tbh honest EXO hasn't rly caused beef? V and Baekhyun (idk of that's spelt right sorry) are actually friends it's just some exo-ls that say these things, but they don't represent all of exo fandom, like the ARMY'S attacking other fandoms don't represent us and we'd rather be without them Tbh. BTS have nothing but respect for their fellow idols.

Tbh honest EXO hasn't rly caused beef? Taehyung and Baekhyun are like best freainds so yeah and fandoms need to stop making arguments come on our idols are best friends get over it they are all amazing

*sighs* i actually read this really good Baekbama fic on asianfanfics.com once and that was when it all began for me


i have no words of the first pic XD and yeah of course Sehun is The Rap God xD

LOL no, this is me and the squad watching exo music videos. We r all like "OML dude Chen looks jazzy"

kekeke now this is totally me~ but instead of a hot guy~. AN EXO MEMBER IS BETTER~!< i will be so happy, take pictures of them, and ask if i could take a selca with them and, and~!

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This is true but I love one direction and it was so hard for me too when Three cute amazing members left Exo:'( and when Zayn left! That was hard

Well the translation literally sais "I love books and I love plants."

Well the translation literally sais "I love books and I love plants.

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Hahahaha, I can smell the fanfiction XD

7 dorks

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i hate the feeling when you think you literally have nothing new to pin on your fav pinboard

ChanYeol with his tattoo.] is this really chanyeol? omfg first Kris, Tao now Chanie EXO Chanyeol tattoo?

Lol. xDDD Oh Chen....yes, I am just holding a gun for fun, and I am totally not going to kill any person who is not an EXOtic...why would I do that?! XD

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Nooooo, if I'm holding a gun, I would be sooooooo happy. Cuz if I had a gun, I'd be able to kill the b*tch that made me angry in the first place…. so yeah. I wouldn't be mad if I had a gun……….