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Oh god just no Sehun no..

Oh God, SM needs to get this kid another bodyguard just in case

Chanyeol and Kris' meaningful friendship <3 #exo

I love this, but I had noticed that in dramas, whenever they ate hamburgers, they would eat them with a knife and fork. It is SUPER AWKWARD looking!

i don't either

never share anything. Tho I have 3 sisters and my family is big but NO.

This part killed me his reaction was perfect hahaha

Lol it was so funny bc in the EXO concert I went to, a fanboy screamed out "D.O I LOVE YOUUU!" when it was all quiet << XD

This is a legit description because EXO-M members are actually older Lol

I love how exo K is always rly hyper and sweet while exo M is done with everything XD

Is Sehun wearing Lay (heh get it lei)

Suho is gonna skin you for swearing, Sehun XD