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His like me this face is when you just pull your hand away after putting it down drinking from it it happens alot


BamBam Jackson BamBam is me when I actually try and look no and Jackson is when I don't care and just ready to go

funny, JB, and got7 image

Omg but I liked his hair when he got it permed it was cute qho else liked it

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This Dog really irritating, annoying, funny, and inhuman masters.

Lmao or let's just say that JB  stopped their intense convo just to yawn

I can't tell if this is like a "Omg he's so cute, gotta wait htfu" or a "Wtf dude, we're trying to tALK" moment

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It's only a year pass ~

did you mean, maturity sure hit him like "BamBam" ?wait, am I the only one that laughed? okay nvm

And the saga continues... Got7 BTS

And the saga continues!

And the saga continues. BTS<< i couldn’t figure out which one wasn’t in oops

this was a look

jaebum you have 5 screaming kids and a wife wym

Jackson just makes me laugh no matter what he does!~♡☆

Jackson just makes me laugh no matter what he does!~♡☆ Fabson is an amazing name