Greetings all from beyond the grave. I'm still alive. Last year I didn't manage to do any Halloween themed pictures for DeviantArt so hopefully th. The Walking Dead Squishies

This pretty much sums up my feelings about this episode. Oh, Walking Dead logic...

The reaction to The Walking Dead: Rick and the Governor - this was totally me!

TWD top 10 Characters with most on-screen kills all seasons! (Interesting sh*t)

A Summary Of Top Killers Of The Walking Dead. Who's The Badass Here?

TWD top 10 Characters with most on-screen kills/season plus kills for all seasons combined. My favorite thing is how Glenn is in all of these and yet he never killed one human.

And award for the worst parenting skills goes to....

Stupid Lori and that Damn Kid

in love com esses desenhos.. com certeza sera meu proximo trabalho em ponto cruz   <3 <3 <3

Here’s a great bit of pixel art inspired by The Walking Dead by artist PXLHNS

The Walking Dead Facts

The prison set was built? I thought it was like an actual abandoned prison. probably stupid on my part but oh well


candid haphazard & post-apocalyptic zombie thoughts before leaving for work

The Walking Dead Cast - Shane (Jon Bernthal), Amy (Emma Bell), Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln)

164.6k Likes, 3,476 Comments - The Walking Dead (@amcthewalkingdead) on Instagram: “#RIP #TWD”

164.6k Likes, 3,476 Comments - The Walking Dead (@amcthewalkingdead) on Instagram: “#RIP #TWD”

In this image the message is received as the main character 'Rick' is standing on the rooftop away from the 'Walkers' with a gun in his hand ready to fire and in The Walking Dead it is about survival and fighting the walkers. The text is bold which makes it stand out.

Illustration inspiration

The Walking Dead Posters. Three zombie poster illustrations of The Walking Dead by Big Bad Robot the imagery by Michael Rogers. This poster series is avail