The living daylights with the best Bond ever!

The one with Bond going all The Third Man. The Living Daylights is the James Bond film and the first of the two starring Timothy Dalton as the suave …

Roger Moore, the Bond I grew up with, here, in "The man with the golden gun" - my favourite ever bond film.

The Man with the Golden Gun starring Roger Moore movie poster. Roger Moore was Barb's favorite

James Bond book cover by Michael Gillette.

James Bond book cover design: Octopussy by Ian Fleming. Vintage style Bond Girl pin-up art by Michael Gillette.

1987 - The Living Daylights met Timothy Dalton

The Living Daylights original Jame Bond 007 movie poster. Tagline: "The new James Bond. Living on the edge.

Anticipating Skyfall: 8 Things You May Not Have Known about Bond Girls //, @halfpricebooks

No one is anticipating the newest James Bond film, Skyfall, more than me. The first Bond film came out five years before I was born, so I have been watching James Bond my whole life.