Velcro stickles to acrylic frame -wonderful idea!

Craft room organization: Great storage idea for small bottles like Stickles, paint dabbers, alcohol inks, etc. Made with 11 x 14 acrylic frame and Velcro.

Nu har jag tröttnat på mina stickles och glitterflaskor som rinner ner sååå långsamt och sätter igen sig. Så nu googlade jag på sticklesförv...

Kattiz Scrapp: Stickles förvaring / Stickles storage & Velcro, put soft side of Velcro on Stickles bottle & using a picture frame with a piece of scrapbook paper inside the frame.

Buy a clear plastic sign holder at Staples (I think it's about the size of a regular sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper), then use self-adhesive velcro to make the strips. Cut small pieces of the velcro and put it on each of the Stickles bottles, then voila, we have the holder!

Stickles Stand - Plastic Sign Holder + Self Adhesive Velcro (I could use a smaller acrylic frame stand or since I don't have that much Stickles.

Amazing craft rooms  One day I will have a house I can have a craft room like this!!

Amazing craft rooms One day I will have a house I can have a craft room like this! (This is what all of my craft rooms will look like

Creations By Christie: Tour My Craft Room!!!  Stickers are kept upside down by gluing a magnet on the bottom of the bottles and adhering a strip of magnet tape underneath the shelf to hold them!

store stickles upside down by gluing a magnet to the bottom of the bottle and adhering a metal strip to the underside of my cabinet. Creations By Christie

Use s&p shakers to store sprinkles, colored sugars, etc. I bet you can find these CHEAP at a dollar store. NO MORE MESS!

Great Tip: Use Salt Shakers To Organize Glitter

Do you use a lot of glitter in your Christmas crafting? Store your glitter or colored sand in salt and pepper shakers! This craft supply storage idea is so great. - love the salt shaker rack, where to get?

How-To: Organize Fabric in a Filing Cabinet

How-To: Organize Fabric in a Filing Cabinet

store fabric samples in a file cabinet using hanging file folders! Sew Many Ways.File Your Fabric

Хранение ленточек

love this storage idea for lace, ribbons, trims etc - think ill use one of my gazillion photo storage boxes covered with pretty paper and mock up the holders using chip board and modge podge things-to-do-when-i-have-a-house-apartment-to-myse