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R.I.P Wolverine: What Hugh Jackman's Wolverine 3 SHOULD Be...

Logan: Movie News, Rumors, Trailer, Cast & Everything You Need To Know

Artist Dexter Soy has created some really cool comic character and fan art, and here& a few incredibly cool Wolverine illustrations that he has created.

Wolverine Looking Sharp 1 by Grailee.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is my submission for 2009 Project: Rooftop [link] Redesign Contest, Wolverine: Looking Sharp Which incidentally this entry was chosen as the Grand . Wolverine Looking Sharp 1

80 ilustraciones de He-Man para decir: ¡Ya tengo el poder!

80 ilustraciones de He-Man para decir: ¡Ya tengo el poder!

like thunder from the sky." This is a collective art jam we plan to do periodically. Each time, one of the members will decide the subject, and we. He-man art jam

Wolverine - Marvel vs Capcom 2 - X-Characters by Bengus

the-judge: “Wolverine Marvel Vs Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes ”

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Wolverine By Dexter Soy - Marvel Comics - Xmen - Avengers - James Logan Howlett - Comic Book Art

wolverine (james howlett / logan) vs the hulk (robert bruce banner) - romulo fajardo, jr.

Wolverine vs Dente de Sabre.

Wolverine vs Dente de Sabre.