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Exponiendo MI Mundo: El Planeta Tierra y sus Habitantes

Glowing lavender mushrooms, watch for the fairies reading nighttime stories to the woodland creatures. These mushrooms look almost alien straight from a sci-fi movie.

Hongos de taza (Cookenia SP.) crece en troncos en descomposición

Cup Fungi growing on decaying log in lowland Dipterocarp forest. Danum Valley, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia by Alex Hyde Photography

this reminds me of fall...and halloween spider webs are so beautiful and fragile

Let Spiders Live!

I love spider webs. Once, I was lucky enough to watch a large garden spider build it's web. It was awesome. I would love the chance to watch a spider build one like this!

Cyttaria Gunnii

46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...

Cyttaria gunnii, commonly known as the myrtle orange or beech orange, is an orange-white colored and edible ascomycete fungus native to Australasia. It is a specific parasite of myrtle beech trees

los 13 hongos mas raros del mund

Los 13 tipos de hongos mas raros del mundo

13 Most bizarre mushrooms : TreeHugger Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystina)

Hygrocybe Psittacina ~ By Antonio Gallego López

Parrot Toadstool or Parrot Waxcap (Hygrocybe psittacina) (Europe, Australia) EDIBLE

Es su vida.

ღღ Unfortunately the name of these shells are not mentioned. If anyone knows theses shells by name, please add it in the comment line. ~~~~ Shells are Swell – Beautiful Examples of Seashell Photography