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I remember James mentioning this Comic in one of his Videos...

WeLl it aPpears the link to the source is missing. (Tapping/clicking the image seems to work [for me] though)


22 cómics que los introvertidos entenderán completamente

A Collection Of Comics That Introverts Will Totally Relate To - Neatorama

Sometimes I wonder... hehe

You must understand what it is before you can begin overcoming anxiety. Feeling tense, worried, or anxious regularly or irrational fears are a sign of anxiety.

How To Make Friends As An Adult

VineScope - 15 Hilarious Comics About Life And Adulthood (By Owlturd)

I don't know why she started to laugh

Loading Artist is a webcomic about many things, sometimes revolving around an artist who wants to become rich and famous.

Humour noir

Puzzle Comic Son, here is a riddle: what has four legs but isn't alive? Nice try, Dad! It's a chair! Not this time, son.