gradient diabeacon grasscrete

Graduating hard surfacing into garden bed & lawn areas. thinking about recreating this with cob and moss (much more low maintenance than grass) for a courtyard

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Snail and Snake Mound, Charles Jencks, Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Dumfries, Scotland by mollie

Spectral Sculptural Windmills - The Whirlers Installation is a System of Self-Sustaining Park Art (GALLERY)

Spectral Sculptural Windmills

This Observation Deck Puts a New Twist on Things. This cool "deck" resides in a park in Vöcklabruck, Austria.

Beautiful - reminds me of a cenote· Willow House by Guz Architects

Sophisticated Private Residence Design of Willow House by Guz Architects: Appealing Architecture Design Of The Willow House With Water Feature With Green And Round Hole Ceiling With Greens ~ CATALYZE Villa Inspiration

Cape Royale @Sentosa Landscape Design by TROP

Cape Royale @Sentosa Landscape Design by TROP (II)

Water Walkways And Paths. Water Walkways And Paths Design Ideas is a part of our Daily design inspiration series.

I could have a hillside of terraced decks instead of trying to build retaining walls.  I could have a great place for all kinds of container gardening stuff.

These steps are lovely :: villa all’argentario ~ lazzarini pickering architetti

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Murou Art Forest Design by DANI KARAVAN. could walk down the separate paths and come together at the tree. do vows & stuff there?