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However, 37 years for me is a bit tooo long to wait to have kids, I will be like However it is funny because of the reference to Niall.

this was long overdue. i also like that they conveniently cut off before having to decide between a 'w' and a 'v' hahaha :)

This was long overdue.---Dude they turned it in a few months ago lol

It 2016 people it's Harry styles 99.9% and Harry Potter 0.1% being grandma's who don't know 1 D

It 2016 people it's Harry styles and Harry Potter being grandma's who don't know 1 D not rly I’m a potterhead AND directioner

and my kids think i'm a joke<<< Cause I move a little slow when I dance :)<<I can count on you<<<After all that we've been through

and my kids think i'm a joke<<< Cause I move a little slow when I dance :)<<I can count on you<<<After all that we've been through<<< cause I know you will always understand<<< I WONT ACT MY AGE

funny, but true. i dont think i could ever explain how much i love one direction

I honestly dont think anyone could ever know how much i LRV these boys

There should be a Directioner School!!!! Don't act like you've never even thought about it before. If we could make this happen I would be like super smart!

If only my teacher's did this I would I have way better grades!

I feel like they should find fans who are bullied or unhappy and surprise them singing the lyrics to them Xx J

r u d e on

This gave me goosebumps! It kinda also broke me heart but warmed it at the same time , best thing ever ~Robynphilene♡😍

Don't leave

I will always be a directioner forever and always through the girlfriends the kids the break ups the marriage! Real directioners stay forever and fake fans probs hate them but why hate them they r sexy hot and bubbly! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION

Life as a Directioner :D <<< It's funny cuz it's so true I do this all the time

^^^Life as a directioner. Riddle I think this is a lot of our conversations

Yea now I'm Olivia when I order a Starbucks<<<<uh same

My sister's name is Diana so she's all good . Goal : Still get Georgia Rose cups since I'll have plenty 'Diana' cups thanks to her

This is my kind of remix

story of my life. i listen to music all night. wifi is never broken.

I don't wanna joke about this, but Zayn we love you and will support you no matter what

the album was titled FOUR and i think they took it way too seriously

At least I would get tickets. But as long as you like their music you should be able to go; however if the only reason you are going is because you think it will make you look cool... Step aside!

I would actually get a chance of going to their concert if all the fakes were weeded out

Sadly yes

the 'best song ever' song is incredible.like im rewatching the video for the song.and harrys torso.

But can't you just see it

Um, I bet Liam sabotages the bus on purpose so he can pull it to the nearest town